In this room most of the machining jobs were/are done. There are 3 lathes, 3 drill presses, horizontal milling machine, power hacksaw and a press is in the foreground.

   My Grandpa started the business here and it is the oldest part of the shop.

In the room above, looking north, is a lathe with a 24" swing, 3 welders, 2 torches, air compressor and usually, as in this pic, some project in progress. In this case 2 John Deere E engines and parts of an IHC 45 Mogul tractor engine and misc. parts.

The same room facing south. The far end is where most of the welding is done. MANY interesting projects have filled this floor area. I will show you some before and after photos on another page.

And what was MY office. My mother continued keeping books long after I bought the business but enough was enough I guess and I got stuck with THAT too. While the shop and equipment is old my self-built computer and periferals were up to date (and stilll are)! I LOVE computers too!

We acquired the Allen Tapping and Drilling machine, above, which serves as a vertical milling machine as well, something I wish we would have had YEARS ago. In that photo I am boring a piston pin hole in a 9 1/2" piston for a 1912 IHC Mogul 45 tractor. We started with 2 piston castings weighing 120 lbs. each. They were down to 97 lbs. and didn't get much lighter. There is lot more on that project on the Mogul page.

The above is an interesting project we got involved with. There is a lot of low-profile talent in this area and I discovered another "unknown" or, more accurately, we discovered each other. An acquaintance whose area of expertise is BIG ENGINES......such as those used in Natural Gas pumping stations. He asked if we would be interested in doing an experimental project for him, a catalytic muffler for a HUGE engine. Coincidentally this was a work in progress when Mark left for the Waupaca Foundry.

The waist of this muffler is 20 inch pipe and the assembly is about 41 inches long. The estimated weight of the complete assembly is around 850 lbs. It was destined for use in a natural gas pumping station.

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