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1919 Model T Ford Touring which is for sale

Above is my 1919 Model T Touring (which is for sale) and below is my 1927 Model T Tudor


1927 Model T Ford Tudor

Then I made the mistake of seeing one just like the one below in an old photo album my Grandma kept that Mom was going through.......a 1925 Dodge Business Sedan.......and I fell in love with it at first sight.


1925 Dodge Model B Business Sedan

THEN I kept thinking about my first car, a 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne, which I always loved and needed to do something about that so the game was afoot. I bought this one shortly before the famous (infamous?) Lambrecht sale in Nebraska where mine probably would have sold for 4 times what I paid. 

It's still no peach but it IS the comfortable ride I've had since my first '59 Chevy Biscayne when I was 17. It It has the 235 straight 6 engine and 3 on the tree as my first car.

1959 Chevrolet Bel Air

This is my 1965 Mustang with a 200 ci straight 6 and 3 on the floor I purchased in May of 2014. My sister had a white Mustang Coupe with some kind of V8 and 4 on the floor that moved right along. I remember the lines of that car and when I saw this one come up I had to have it. I've never owned anything with a V8 in the life and have no plans for one. Some people scoff at the 200 but it moves more than fast enough for me.

1965 Mustang Coupe

OK........down to business.......





This is my Grandpa, John S. Anderson. Photo taken shortly after he got his new South Bend Lathe in 1938.



 My Dad, John R. Anderson, taken shortly after I bought the shop from him in 1988.



This is me. Photo taken the same day as the one above.



And finally, Mark J. Oksiuta, the 4th and current owner of the business.

This shop is the oldest business in the Village that has operated in the same location since it's beginning.

I tried getting this photo taken for over five years and we FINALLY got it done in early 2016.




The business was established by my grandfather, John S. Anderson, a Norwegian immigrant, in 1938. It became a full time enterprise and 1942 was the first year books were kept so we used that year as the "founding" year. Operated by my parents, John (Jack) and Delores, from 1961-1987 from whom I bought the business in 1988 and sold May 1, 2009. So.......while Anderson Machine is no more the tradition will continue and so will this site.

We never were just an ordinary Machine and Welding Shop. More about that later. We were a 3rd generation family owned business and I want to give you the opportunity to learn about some of the things we did and which Mark will continue to do.

After nearly 70 years and three generations of continuous Anderson family ownership the time came to turn over the reins to someone new. The business was sold to our former employee and friend MARK OKSIUTA. I'm pleased and happy to announce the shop will continue to operate under new ownership in the capable hands of our former employee, Mark. This was Mark's first place of employment after high school. He literally cut his machine shop and welding teeth here and stayed with us for 28 years.

Here's Mark and his wife Deb.

Mark operates as MARK'S MACHINE SHOP LLC and he has his own website: 



Mark's wife, Debra, is an independent real estate agent and she handled the transfer of the business. If you need a real estate agent I know you will be pleased with Deb as well! As a broker and 26 years experience, she will continue to give her sellers and customers great service!!! A name you know, A name you can trust. 



We were, primarily, a farm oriented business providing parts and repairs for farm equipment. Through the years we remained a shop dealing mainly with "walk in" trade and many of our customers were still farmers.

We continued to repair all types of farm and forestry equipment, make automotive drive shafts and pretty much anything our customers brought us, we were never real familiar with the word "no" unless it was a repair that just wasn't practical and sometimes we did those too! I have been tractor crazy my entire life and I discovered old engines some years ago. By necessity we learned the ins and outs of these old contraptions and over the years my hobbies grew into an integral part of the business and we have been privileged to have worked on many rare tractors and engines.

WHAT SETS US APART FROM MANY OTHER SHOPS? We understood and liked how these things work........and so does Mark.

Here I am at my favorite machine.......the South Bend lathe my grandfather bought new in 1938. It was line shaft driven originally but was converted to 3 phase electric and belt driven through a British Hillman transmission. I'm multitasking here........turning a piece and yakking on the phone.......

You may contact me at

My "jobs" NOW.......

Here I am at Faith Lutheran Church at our Britson D220LRT digital organ which I love!

And here I am at St. Adalbert Catholic Church at the big ol' Hammond.

Since the age of 15 (I'm 64 now) I have been a Church organist. For the first 15 years I served Faith Lutheran Congregation but at that time was called on to "fill in" at Saint Adalbert Church here in Rosholt as well and 33 years later I'm STILL filling in. :-). Below are 2 Windows WMV videos of me at my OTHER job. The first video is a high powered Postlude. It runs for 1:25. The second is a rendition of "It is Well With My Soul" and runs for 2:49. I hope you like them.

POSTLUDE "The Heavens Declare

It is Well With My Soul

I FINALLY got around to uploading what I think is my favorite song ever. It is titled Sanctus (Holy Holy) and written by an Estonian composer, Urmas Sisask. This audio only file plays for 3:50 minutes.


I also found it on youtube. It is a beautiful piece of music and here it is:

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As long as I'm on the church thing here's our church site too:


My OTHER favorite place to visit is Harry Matthews' site which is devoted to ALL lovers of old iron and where I am Chief Moderator.


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